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Page history last edited by Melissa Pearson 11 years, 6 months ago

Ms. Pearson's Expectations[1]


All rules regarding class credit will be dictated by the WWPHS attendance policy. Each late, cut and absence will be carefully documented. Do not risk the loss of credit!  BE ON TIME!
Be respectful of others.
This means everyone and their property, our school surroundings, the learning process and our wiki (see here for more on wiki etiquette). Our class time will provide opportunities for you to develop a range of intellectual abilities, such as analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, critiquing and reflecting on ideas and concepts. You are also required to actively engage with the material, both in preparation for and reflection, and as part of the assessment process. An inquiring mind, a critical spirit, looking for the interconnectedness of ideas, taking risks, appreciating diversity of background and experience are part of this development.    


Preparedness is expected everyday.   Notebook, pencils, paper, appropriate calculator and homefun completed is expected everyday.  Remember that your textbook and workbook are also needed for students enrolled in Part I. 
If you have a question, please ask!
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at anytime. I encourage you to seek help before a problem gets too big. I at usually at school early and can stay after most days. If you have a question at anytime, please email me or use the class wiki. I check my email most nights.
SHOW ALL WORK - This means on everything!  I have no plans to take a course in mind reading.  If you want to be successful in math, you must must must show all work. 
No food or drinks (except water).
No cell phones, ipods, other mp3’s, psp’s, headphones (not to be used as a fashion accessory), etc. I don’t want to know that you own any of these things.
You are expected to use the lavatory and locker between classes. There will be a pass available, but this is a privilege, if it is abused you will lose it.
Completing assignments
All assignments, projects, and evaluations must be completed. It is your responsibility to make up missed work! Make up evaluations are to be completed during your study hall period or after school. You will have one day for each day absent to make up work. If you participate in a field trip or are going on vacation that requires you to miss class, please notify me in advanced so work can be completed on time. If you miss class on the day of an evaluation you are expected to make it up the day you return. If absent on a review day before a test you are expected to take the test the day you return. The assignment schedule is available here on the wiki. It will have at least a week's worth of assignments listed.   It is unacceptable to come to class unprepared!
Most assessments will be announced in advanced, however I will assess you as I see fit with or without notice.


  1. Rules may be changed or added as I see fit.

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