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Page history last edited by Melissa Pearson 11 years, 7 months ago

Wiki Etiquette

This wiki is going to be an awesome place for us to collaborate this year, I encourage you all to explore our wiki and to post and edit.  However, there are a few guidelines to ensure that this is a wonderful experience for all.  Please be sure to read ALL of the information on this page.   


Currently this page is in process, the information below is from http://educators.pbwiki.com/Wiki+Etiquette+for+Students


Keep your Personal Information Private!

Never post your personal information or information about someone else. This is a public wiki.  Please use only your first name and last initial when registering for an account.  Keep things like ages, addresses, phone numbers, etc. off the Internet (not just our wiki). If you opt to upload an avatar or image for your pbwiki account make sure it is school appropriate and it should not be an image of you. 


Where did you hear that?

Write things you know to be correct using facts from research from reliable, credible sources.   The Internet is a great source of information but information is only useful when it is accurate. Before referencing a website, ask and answer a few simple questions:


  • Who is the author or sponsor and what are the author's qualifications or credentials?
  • What type of information is provided?
  • When was the information created? last updated or revised?
  • Where is the information coming from- is the domain a .edu, .gov, .org, etc.
  • Why is the information posted; to educate, to inform, to present unbiased views, to entertain, to sell or entice?


Not sure about sources of information? Check out this list questions to ask yourself in addition to the questions above.  Just as you write would in a research paper, properly giving credit for work that is not original is also necessary on the wiki this includes but is not limited to images, thoughts, and writings. 


Be nice.

This is not the place to try out a comedy routine.  Keep in mind that often a typed messages can come across differently than intended. You may think you are funny, but it might come across as rude or hurtful.  


Proof Reed Read Please!

Sure you can go back and edit at any time, but please take a second and think before you post. 


BTW,  IMO...

Please leave the IM/Text message shorthand for text messaging and instant messaging, not for your school work.  Use breaks in your text and formatting elements to make the page easy to read and understand.


Follow Directions.

Please keep in mind that this is an evolving process.  Things may change in how I would like you to approach the wiki from time to time.  Pay attention to avoid confusion!


Keep it on topic.


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