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equation editor

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Equation Plugin


When you are writing an equation on the wiki, please use the equation feature located in the Insert Plugin menu (more on this in a minute).  This will help keep the wiki organized and it will be much easier to read. 

How do I make an equation look like a real equation?


Below is an image of what you need to type to write an equation.  But, taking a closer look at the image...


This mess is La TeX which allows us to see and print equations.  Some of the commands should be fairly straightforward and some of you will probably like trying to figure out the language. To make things easier for the rest of us, we can access the site Sitmo for help creating the code to create your equation or use the same feature below! 


BEFORE you go to insert an equation, create the code needed for the equation.  As you create your equation here or on the Sitmo site, you will see a preview of your equation or expression.  If you don't see it there is something wrong with your coding. 



Once you have created your equation or expression, copy the code.  Then select "Insert Plugin." 



The equation feature is located under PBwiki magic.



Delete the example code in the box and paste your code from the Google Gadget into the box.  Make sure to click preview.



Check out the La Tex code for the quadratic formula[1]! If your equation looks the way you intended click OK, otherwise go back and edit. 



Here is what my code looks like for the quadratic formula. 



If you need a symbol, but can't find it above.  Check out this math symbols site to help you out.  For more advanced options you can also try out this LaTeX editor


Use the sandbox to test the equation feature. 



  1. Idea for using the quadratic formula comes from http://kristineedudemo.pbwiki.com/Equations accessed August 19, 2008.

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